Lisa Raschke

Incubation Operations Manager – Human Resources

5 Questions to Lisa

Describe yourself with three words.

Supportive, kind, humorous.

What is the greatest benefit of Chemovator for BASF?

Former Venture Team members will bring our working culture into BASF. I hope for an increase of a positive error culture, more innovation speed, and flatter hierarchies to make decisions more quickly.

If you had to wear a sign, what would be written on it?

Caution, irony!

What characteristics do you get most compliments on?

I am a very dedicated person. Talk to me, have a good reason, and I will try everything to support you.

What was your greatest learning in life?

There isn't a "greatest learning" because I am totally convinced that we learn day by day – consciously and unconsciously. The greatest thing about my job at Chemovator is the possibility to learn even more.

Lisa Background

Lisa has a M.A. Sociology with focus on personnel and organizational development. After a few years in a leadership development position within BASF SE she set out for another career stage inside the Schwarz Group which is a global player in retail, known as Lidl and Kaufland.

Lisa came back to BASF in 2018 and now she is responsible for all HR topics in the Chemovator.