We are Chemovator

About us

Our team covers a broad range of competencies - from BASF internal to external experts. We have very diverse backgrounds, but we are all united in our intrinsic motivation to fight for great ideas and teams. We do everything possible to support our Venture Teams in achieving their goals.

Our values


We want you to take ownership of your project and make your own decisions.

Willingness to take risk

We call on you to take brave commitments for your business idea.


Fast testing of assumptions and quick decisions are the base for our operations.

Focus on the market

As a business incubator, we operate close to markets and customers.

Learning culture

Mistakes help to generate learnings and are core to continuous improvement.

Our Experts

Entrepreneurs in Residence are qualified external experts with strong track records as startup founders and business angels. As coaches and mentors, they support the teams from submission of the application to market entry with their extensive experience.

Our Core

The Chemovator Core Team is always there for you. We support the Venture Teams from behind the scenes, whilst running Chemovator. Our five-members team allows you to focus your entire effort on developing your venture.