Entry Pitch

Entry Pitch is the official pitching event to take on the Chemovator Journey.
You have a business idea, formed a team and now you want to join Chemovator? Pitch your business idea at Entry Pitch and become one of our Venture Teams!

How does it work?

Stage 1: Apply for the Chemovator Journey

Submit your idea proposal on our application form below.
Briefly describe the customer problem you have identified and explain how your business idea will solve it. Your solution should be new, but already have a sufficient level of maturity to allow quick market testing. Complete your application by introducing your Venture Team and the skills offered by each individual member.

Stage 2: Join the Entry Pitch session

We will then evaluate your proposal and come back to you with feedback to be shared in a first meeting. If we see a potential fit to Chemovator, you will be invited to our next official Entry Pitch. All Entry Pitch dates are published here.
At the Entry Pitch, you get the chance to explain your idea to a jury consisting of Chemovator employees and our Entrepreneurs in Residence.

If you succeed in convincing the jury, you become one of twelve Venture Teams in Chemovator.

What happens if you and your Venture Team get accepted?

Your team can make use of Chemovator and its resources for up to two years. During this period, you can develop your business idea, prepare it for the market with the support of the Chemovator Team.

By the way, your assignment at Chemovator – arranged in coordination with your local personnel department – will count as a secondment and cover a period of up to 21 months. This guarantees that, whatever happens, you can return to your former business unit.

When joining Chemovator, you will normally be involved in a three-month Validation Phase, followed by an up to twenty-one-month Incubation Phase. The Chemovator Team will support you fully throughout the whole period. Additionally, your venture will also have access to a group of external startup experts and the consolidated support services resources of BASF.

If it turns out that a business idea does not fully meet the anticipated market requirements, we reserve the right to dissolve the Venture Team at any time. However, you are guaranteed a return to your former business unit which will make room for a new Venture Team. Or better still – present your next idea to us!

Who can join the Entry Pitch at Chemovator?

Every BASF employee can apply for joining the Entry Pitch.

What are the requirements for participating?

Your idea should be an original and unique business idea. Not a technology pitch. It should relate to the chemical industry.

What do you need to bring?

You have 10 minutes to pitch your idea and convince the jury of your project - it's your choice how you do that.
We will ask you, however, to provide your presentation or any other material you want to use in advance, so we can get familiar with the content.

Where does the event take place?

Chemovator GmbH
Industriestraße 35
68169 Mannheim

Not sure or not ready yet?

There are other ways to engage with us and our community prior to a pitch: Join us in one of our Startup Bootcamp to refine your idea with experts and learn how to pitch. Or join us at Open-Mic @ Chemovator to pitch, hear pitches and network in a casual and fun setting.