Chemovator Startup Bootcamp

Learn about business building and pitch presentation with some of Germany's brightest startup minds!

No matter if you work in R&D, production, procurement or finance: What's the business idea you always wanted to work on? Bring it to the Chemovator Startup Bootcamp for two days of exploration.
You don't have a specific idea yet? Come anyway and join in teams with your colleagues for two days of intense, fast-paced, practical training on the interface of Chemistry startup thinking.

Who is invited?

BASF-colleagues who...

... wish to prepare for a pitch @ Chemovator
... want to refine a business idea in a professional manner (ideas with or without connection to BASF are okay)
... are interested to meet and work with ideators

Where does this event take place?

Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Mannheim
Hafenstraße 25 – 27
68159 Mannheim

Have a look inside!

Do you want to participate?

BASF internal only

  • 1/24