Welcome to Chemovator

Who are we?

Chemovator is your protected space to turn bold ideas around chemistry into thriving businesses.

We provide a protected space for our Venture Teams to dream big, take risk, and pursue their business idea with entrepreneurial drive.

We are the tool for BASF to unconventionally test highly uncertain business ideas. We act fast and lean, free from classical corporate boundaries. We empower employees to take ownership of their ideas and grow as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What do we offer our Venture Teams?

Protected space

Protected space

We ensure independence and autonomy from classical corporate structures and processes.

Learning organization

Learning organization

We embrace a culture of fail-fast and see mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Supporting structure

Supporting structure

Our operational support allows Venture Teams to fully focus on their business idea.

Commercial relevance

Commercial relevance

Our focus lies on business incubation driven by market and customer feedback.

Supporting structure

Professional coaching

Our experienced external founders and investors mentor and support our Venture Teams.

<p>Our operational support allows Venture Teams to fully focus on their business idea.</p><br />


We provide access to internal resources and external networks.

How do we work?


Our Venture Teams form the center of our attention

Venture Teams

Dedicated teams of 2-3 people

Max. 12 teams

Turn business ideas into scalable business models

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Act as coaches and mentors

Support Chemovator

Meet our EiRs
Chemovator Core Team

Run and develop Chemovator

Support the Venture Teams from behind the scene

Meet our Core Team

Chemovator Journey

Ideation, Exploration & Scouting
Open-Mic @ Chemovator

Get to know Chemovator

Learn more
Chemovator Startup Bootcamp

Optimal preparation for your business idea

Learn more
Entry Pitch

Idea owners pitch their venture idea

Validation Phase
3 months

Test & refine initial assumptions
Early market feedback
Build & test prototype

End-of-validation Pitch

Venture Teams pitch their validated concept

Incubation Phase
Up to 21 months

Refine & validate assumptions
Write business case
Build team
Refine product / market test
Prepare exit
Venture Team members delegated to the Chemovator

End of Chemovator Journey

Spin-in or spin-out
Venture Team members return to BASF or found their own business

Business buildup

Want to join Chemovator?

You have a business idea, formed a team and now you want to join Chemovator? With a successful Entry Pitch you will become one of our Venture Teams!

Submit a short description of your idea below. We will then evaluate your proposal and come back to you with personal feedback. If we see a potential fit, you will be invited to the next official Entry Pitch day. Then you get the chance to explain your idea to a jury consisting of Chemovator employees and our Entrepreneurs in Residence.

Do you want to know more about the Entry Pitch and the application process? Click here

At present, we only accept applications from BASF employees.
But wait! We will open-up to external startups soon, so stay tuned!

Not sure or not ready yet?

There are other ways to engage with us and our community prior to a pitch: Join us in one of our Startup Bootcamps to refine your idea with experts and learn how to pitch. Or join us at one of our Open-Mic sessions to pitch, hear pitches and network in a casual and fun setting.