The protected space for BASF intrapreneurs

Incubating Chemistry Businesses

Chemovator is the business incubator of BASF.

We provide a protected space to build commercial ventures from unconventional ideas. Our Venture Teams take full ownership of their idea, creatively explore their business, learn fast and pivot beyond corporate boundaries.

We are here for you

Are you a BASF-employee with a great idea around chemistry that you believe can be turned into a real business? Then Chemovator is the perfect place for you!

Our door is open to all BASF-employees. From researchers to business employees from operating or functional divisions: The entire BASF Verbund is invited to form a Venture Team and get to know themselves as “intrapreneurs” – employees who act as entrepreneurs within a corporate framework.

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Insights from our Venture Teams

“The first months in Chemovator were very intense. We learned a lot about our customers and their needs. In Chemovator we received just the right support to do that.”

Tobias Mentzel, FaCELLitate

We pitched @ Chemovator, because we believe here is the best place in BASF to test and boost our business idea.”

Maik Schacht, Be-Grow

“Fast decision taking in combination with experience of entrepreneurs in residence help us to go fast forward to meet our targets in time. Within Chemovator we got the space to build up a new business idea, which could be scaled up also outside of BASF.”

Mischa Feig, Boxlab

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